Hello Friends of the EU – Help us stop Brexit!

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It’s been several rough months now since the storm of 23 June 2016 EU Referendum. Whilst we are focused on the disaster, businesses are making plans.

Even the hard line Leave media outlets cannot gloss over the fact that this Brexit implementation is a disaster. Leaving the EU is simply put, a bad decision.

So if you are a Do-er rather than a Blamer, here e some very easy things you can do to brighten your EU future!

  1.  Sign up at http://www.voteforeurope.org.uk/Tactical voting for pro-EU Parliamentary candidates can stop Brexit in its tracks.
    Others to sign up at include: http://euromove.org.uk/ and http://www.openbritain.net/
  2. Sign up at http://represent-us.uk/ to learn how you fight Hard Brexit – I think we all agree THAT would be disastrous.
  3. Join the call Best for Britain has made to tel MPs to vote NO on the Withdrawal Bill  https://blog.bestforbritain.org/index.php/home/ 
  4. Support all the CrowdFunders and CrowdJustice Initatives you can find – I’ll set up a way for your to submit guest posts and links.
  5. Please use the hashtag #StopBrexit when you post and Tweet or make comments online – make it easy for the media to pick up the groundswell of democracy finding it’s voice!  Every time you use that “other” hashtag, you lose an opportunity to amplify our presence.  [#StopBrexit needs to be trending in the top 20 hashtags day in, day out!
  6. Buy the New European and enquiry kindly if your local newsagent is being pressurised into giving away The Sun and other Tabloids pushing Xenophobia. https://neweuropeans.net/   – people in shops will buy the paper available – make it clear they might be losing more customers as the #StopFundingHate movement grow
  7. Sign & Share Petitions Group on Facebook – open to all who want to begin their journey of engagement – there are over 3,500 OPEN petitions https://www.facebook.com/groups/1368947676484070/
    And then Share as often as you can – Every UK Resident & ANY British citizen ANYWHERE can sign
  8. !Racism / Intimidation / Hate Crime – I’m told that in some areas, this has receded – Let’s just make sure that every incident earns the police report it deserves.The crime stats are driven by the – and that report is the evidence.   No reports and the statistics fall!!!  Follow up the report by writing to ALL your local officials via the www.writetothem.com portal  and for good measure, write to the Local & National press as well!
  9. Sign up to help us!  Follow us onFacebook : https://www.facebook.com/HelpStopBrexitNow/ – and share all those posts to your public timeline –  let those pesky FACTs help others learn for themselves!  Twitter: https://twitter.com/HelpStopBrexit
  10.  Join your constituency 48% Facebook group / Best for Britain Group and get active!  Let’s join up the specific local issues which need fixing – I’m willing to bet that Jo Marsh was right – There is more that unites us than divides us!
  11. Tell us about those who have no voice, who have very real issues to deal with – none of us is perfect and all-knowing
  12. Be happy and enjoy the moment – Help us put the smile back into Great Britain!   Make the memories you will cherish in 20, 30 and 50 years to come.

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