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The UK EU Referendum was held on 23 June 2016.

Just 634,751 ballots on the day are being used to force through an agenda no one voted for in 2015.

The referendum rules were poorly conceived.

Those deemed eligible to vote had to be registered on the Parliamentary Electoral Register, rather than the Electoral Register.  28% did not vote on the day.  17.41m balloted Leave, 16.14m balloted Remain, putting the number on of those registered on the PER at 46.6m, a rise of 1.9m from 2015.  The number of UK electors in 2015 was 46.2m.

Millions were excluded from the count – UK residents married or in a civil partnership with a British Citizen, 16-17 years were not given a ballot and millions of British Citizens living abroad were either denied a ballot or their ballot never arrived.  Commonwealth passport holders resident in the UK were given a ballot, those abroad were not.

Campaigns from both the Leave and the Remain movements were badly managed.   Hate crime and blatant racist acts surged.  Communities and industrial segments were given assurances that their EU funding would be replaced, on top of the famous bus promising that the £350m a week Britain pays the EU would be given to it.  Over £110BN of financial commitments were given to local communities who trusted the Leave campaign leaders – Gove and Johnson.

Nigel Farage prepositioned a 2nd Referendum on 19 May 2016 in the event that if the count was closer than 52-48%, later qualifying that that the margin had to be much higher.  A Leave strategist registered https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215 which was subsequently “hi-jaccked” by the Remain team to get Parliament to rethink this very bad decision.  Parliament have been forced to debate this Referendum – let’s hope it’s not a whitewash.


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