We All #Remember 11/11 Campaign


If ever there was a time to build bridges to those who “no longer care” if we leave the EU, this is the opportunity!  At the same time, we can help support the poppyshop.org.uk who give 100% of their profits to the British Legion, which cares for the survivors of the wars the UK has fought.

Here’s a hit list of things to do:

  1. Put a Twibbon (inset on your “avatar”) on your social media pages.  https://twibbon.com/manage/Manage/Index/remember-16 (Cost £0)
  2. Send a postcard to your MP, HoL members and others – links coming soon.  (Cost max £2/postcard; Limitation : 566 Characters including spaces)
    1. You can also use the www.writetothem.com portal (Cost £0)
  3. Start using the #Remember to #StopBrexit in your social media tweets – #Remember to #StopFundingHate works quite well.
  4. Join the Thunderclaps to promote our unity in peace (coming soon) (Cost £0)
  5. Call / Text someone you have not spoken to in a bit and meet up (no need to gloat at how different “avoid apopcalyse” is from “Net £350m/week gain”)
  6. Make your cash count – check out the #StopFundinghate tags to find out who is advertising in the papers pushing xenophobic messaging – send a post card to them too explaining why you feel the need to boycott their stores and will do so until the become more like @insideJigsaw
  7. Post your creative ideas below.

Apathy is worse than anger in my opinion, because it spreads to all areas of life – and kills the creative spirit and compassion for others which are key traits to nurture.

Have a great day, whatever it is that make you rise and shine to inspire others!

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